“How and Why” USB Compilation

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This is an incredible deal valued at $42.00!  This material not only teaches you what to do but why you are to do a particular thing.

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“How” we do a thing and “why” we do that thing are important for us to experience intentional growth.  The How and Why Compilation combines 3 updated print volumes into one usb drive.  Print the material, for those you wish to equip and then use it to train your church and team.

How and Why of New Convert Care – includes 12 letters we used to send to new converts.

How and Why of Hospitality – equipping people to be friendly and welcoming is intentional.

How and Why of Follow-Up-Visitation – making contact with those who make a visit to church is a vital way to win them.

This is an incredible deal valued at $42.00.  Presented in an attractive blister pack, credit card size . Practical and proven stuff.


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